The recordings shown in this tab have been generated by a collaborative filtering algorithm using your past listening history. We’re currently experimenting with this technology and are aiming to generate compelling playlists for our users in the near future. We’re sharing these recordings with you in order to get feedback about what you think of these recommended recordings. The recordings fall into two categories and both are generated from the recordings that you’ve listened to in the last week:

  • Top Artist: These recordings are selected because they are from your top artists in the last week, but you haven’t listened to them in the last week.
  • Similar Artist: These recordings are selected because they are from artists similar to your top artists from the last week.

Both sets of recordings are sorted on the score that was assigned by the collaborative filtering algorithm; a higher score indicates a greater likeliness that you would like this selected track, at least in theory. For more information about this work and how to give us feedback on these recordings, visit the MetaBrainz Community Discourse site