Adding your data to Listenbrainz

Submitting Listens

There are many ways to submit your listening history to ListenBrainz:

Music players

Standalone programs/streaming servers

  • Rescrobbled, a universal Linux scrobbler for MPRIS enabled players
  • mpris-scrobbler, a minimalistic unix scrobbler for MPRIS enabled players
  • Multi-scrobbler, a powerful javascript server application for all platforms, with support for many sources
  • SmashTunes, a Mac menu bar utility for displaying the current track. Submits Apple Music and Spotify listens
  • applescript-listenbrainz, an applescript service to submit Apple Music listens
  • Eavesdrop.FM, submits Plex music listening data to ListenBrainz
  • AudioStreamerScrobbler, submit listens from hardware audiostreamers (Bluesound/BluOS, MusicCast, HEOS)
  • Funkwhale, a decentralized music sharing and listening platform with built-in support for ListenBrainz
  • Jellyfin, a free software media streaming system: jellyfin-plugin-listenbrainz
  • gonic, a free software Subsonic-compatible music server, has built-in support for ListenBrainz
  • Navidrome, a free software music server compatible with Subsonic/Airsonic
  • Kodi, a free and open source media center: ListenBrainz add-on
  • Airsonic-Advanced, a free, web-based media streamer
  • AMWin-RP, a Discord Rich Presence client for Apple Music's native Windows app.
  • OngakuKiroku, a ListenBrainz scrobbler for Swinsian and on macOS devices.

Browser extensions

  • Web Scrobbler, an extension for Firefox and Chrome/Chromium-based browsers

Mobile devices


Submitting via Spotify

ListenBrainz can automatically record listens from Spotify.

Importing the same listens from two different sources such as Last.FM and Spotify may cause the creation of duplicates in your listen history. If you opt into our automatic Spotify import, you may notice duplications in the last 50 listens on Spotify.This is a temporary issue while we find better ways to deduplicate listens.

Connect your Spotify account to ListenBrainz.

Playlist submissions and tools

Playlists can also be submitted and stored on your ListenBrainz account.


  • listenbrainz-playlist-uploader, a CLI tool for submitting local M3U playlists to ListenBrainz, as well as submitting feedback on tracks
  • ListenBrainz-SMP, a Foobar2000 plugin for submitting and retrieving playlists from ListenBrainz (+ Spotify), as well as retrieving recommendations or submitting feedback on tracks.
  • Playlist-Manager-SMP, a Foobar2000 plugin for syncing local playlists (in multiple formats) with ListenBrainz (+ Spotify). Tracks playlists changes and also allows to resolve tracks with local content and YouTube links.
  • Wrapped-SMP, a Foobar2000 plugin for creating reports based on user listens similar to the one found at Spotify. Suggested playlists use ListenBrainz recommendations (without requiring listens upload to the server).

For advanced users

Developers are able to submit their listens to Listenbrainz using the Listenbrainz API. Information on how to do this can be found in the API docs